Friday, January 23, 2009

Envision the future by understanding the past.

To those who look beyond our present circumstances and imbed concrete realities in the now in such a way as to ensure their efforts will mature; the Johnny Appleseed Society.

Even though current trends tend to steer logical, educated, transformists away from religious or mythological ancient stories, sometimes they are all we have to guide us towards an understanding of how we got into our present place in time and space. The Judao-Christian Bible is  particularly on the nose when it comes to making scientific enquiries and the Sumerian creational accounts not much better but I would suggest worthy of a second glance on the topic of  Uplifting Non- human Animals or creating Chimeras in the search for ‘A Theory of Justice’ or when founding a ‘Great Ape Project’.

While many science fiction writers such as Asimov and Arthur C Clark are given high standing in ‘realist circles’, academics like  Zechariah Stichin are generally left unquoted although in his specific area of enquiry, a giant of opinion and a genius of creative theory.  His work on understanding the uplifting of mankind towards the Godly Anunnaki would seem to me directly relevant to those seeking an understanding of the problems and advantages of transhuman thinking. His ‘Lost Book of Enki’ has the chimera Adam transported back to the Gods home planet Nibiru with the instruction of hiding the fact of his hybrid nature. This was because such activity was unheard of and totally forbidden, so while I should be the last to complain ,seeing I am 98% monkey, I do feel caution should be adhered to as this was reported to be the issue the spiritual hierarchy flooded the earth over. So while we can be all patting one another on the back , admiring one another's amazing intellect, in the end it could be the most stupidest thing any being  any could aspire to do.

However, I do think it is all academic because the incredibly intelligent leaders of our world absolutely shattered the ecology of our mutual nest and in reality, it will be issues other than this, that will decide the fate of the monkeys as well as the ‘whatever's’.

Austa- la- vista, baby!

Monday, January 12, 2009

Fast Cars and Fat Cats (FC's)

I’ve known many FC’s in my time, my first car was an FC; most red blooded boy’s have fantasised on driving an over polished, internally combusted, fuel guzzling, super model on a long legged journey to an exotic destination but I think it’s about time these penile extensions were parked in the museum for really bad idea’s. No longer should rational, accountable, sane individuals have to gaze upon balding executives, exercising their ego’s in Foreign Convertibles as anything other than irresponsible, childish, selfish behaviour. No longer should race cars for the road, be tolerated for any reason, by anybody. There can be no justification for personal transport that needs the power to exceed 300kph nor should public servants be allowed to endorse them in anyway. They should be treated the same way as Tobacco products that kill, the death toll and cost of hospitalization for the victims unacceptable and all efforts made to put an end to the carnage.

The time has come to stand up against car company executives who think they can continue this insanity while they claim compensation from an already heavily taxed public. If they wish to continue trading in our future transport needs, then terms must be struck to make sure safe, reliable, sensibly paced cars are their priority; not Bathurst prepared V8’s. Publicity, promotions and advertisements regulated in the same way as other life endangering products have to be. Sales restrictions to protect the youth, legislation to protect us all and fines for the non-compliant. We have to stop glorifying James Bond’s, Jack Brabham’s and Peter Brock Specials just like we had to stop idolizing the cigarette smoking celebrity if we want to move forward in the evolutionary stakes. It’s not just a matter of protecting the environment, although that’s reason enough but developing a self preservation attitude against irrational self destructive behaviours and leading the next generation in that direction.

You can barge your way through life, blast along country roads when you think no one is watching or cruise the strip in your hot rod if you really want to, no one can stop you but you should not expect that people won’t look at you like your a moron or pretend they think your cool, that’s the privilege of belonging to a liberal society but my suggestion is that you grow up, behave, stop indulging your fantasies at great social cost and don’t be a FC.

For those that choose the sensible path, don’t encourage the feeble minded in their self indulgence; don’t look longingly upon the overpriced planet stuffing machines when your travelling smart-safe, compliment one another on  your intelligent choices and give the PFC’s a wide berth.

Friday, January 9, 2009

Deracy (take the mock out of Democracy)

The strange thing about the way we have come to think of democracy is that originally it was meant to be a system were all those involved had a vote in the day today decision making process of their nation. If a road was to be built or a war participated in then the concerned citizens gathered together and voted on what the united position would be, but somehow it has deteriorated into once every three or four years you get to vote for someone who makes those decisions for you. While it is not inconceivable that the definition needed to change to accommodate large uneducated populations, in this day and age with Democracy being forced upon people whether they want it or not maybe it's time we had a fresh look at what it is we are all agreeing to.

 Politicians are a strange breed, they move forwards out of the ranks of daily life to take positions as paid employees of the people that voted for them, as well as those who didn't, and join in with all the others who are in the same boat to make decisions and laws for the people who liked them enough to agree to pay their wages and honour their elevated positions. So they inherit this from the people who have given up the right to participate because they are busy making the money that pays for the 'luxury' of having this type of arrangement, all well and good if that's what you want but what if that not what you want or they are making decisions that you don't agree with? You get a chance to vote for someone else in two or three years time who might or might not make decisions that you agree with and so it goes.

Let's take a closer look at this and how it works with an issue such as weather or not we want to become a republic, regardless of what your personal opinion is. Before the Howard years in Australia there was much discussion on the subject and it was generally considered we would soon become one, even the Queen and Prince Charles thought it was an inevitability and not a bad thing. The newest member of the Royal Order of the Garter, Sir John was a just a monarchist in those days and even though nobody had voted for him to lead our great nation with that in mind, all thoughts of going in any direction other than Sir John,s were put and end to with an expensive talk fest and a rigged referendum. Now I am sure that if the people who paid the Howard Government for the next ten years had of got their way instead of yielding to Sir John's then we would have been waving an Aussie flag at the just past Olympics that represented Australia as a truly independent country, instead of looking like we are still an outpost of the British Empire.

What about the G.S.T, again regardless of what you think of it, most people were anti-G.S.T when John Howodd assured us that there would be no G.S.T if he became Prime Minister. Never the less the first thing he did when he got into power was to give us the very tax system he assured us he wouldn't. What about the war in Iraq, again most people were against it but did that matter? No, we signed up anyway,not because we authorised anyone to make that decision for us, just because John and George thought it was a good idea at the time. Are you getting the gist of what I'm talking about here? It's not weather you are for or against any of these ideas it's the fact that our employees made those decisions for us while pretending to be doing what they were elected for, which was to be your voice on the matters. 

Now there is a simple way around this dilemma for anyone who is interested, if you wanted to become a republic today with the tools for real democracy in our homes and at our finger tips, then all it would take is fifty one percent of the voting population to sign up on the Internet and it would begin to become a reality without having to ask your employees permission.If you didn't,t want to buy a bunch of America's left over war planes and would prefer to spend all that money on your children's education, then all you have to do is collectively say so. Why isn't the program up and running that would allow this type of Democracy, maybe it's because your employees don't want you to have it.

Monday, January 5, 2009

How about some form of Democracy on the Internet?

The future of Communications is the Internet, no one doubts that. The future of the Media is the Internet, no well informed commentator doubts that fact. Newspapers, T.V, Movies, Radio, Books, Games, Music and just about anything you can imagine to do with entertainment or current affairs will arrive at your door via your broadband access terminal. The future of Education is the Internet of accumulated knowledge, stored and made accessible to the maximine number of aspiring scholars, wherever they chose to sit. Banking, Social security, Medi-care, Real estate transfer, Consumable purchases, Trading posts and E-Bay’s are undoubtedly online necessities as we prepare for 2010 and beyond. Why is it, that whenever the future of Democracy is discussed nobody seems to be convinced the Internet will have any relevance?

I’ll tell you why; because just as News reporting has been revolutionized by the Blogosphere and journalists are crapping themselves as they see their hard fought for public positions evaporating before their very eyes and the Music industry executives are in the same boat, fighting for relevance in a world that doesn’t need them anymore. Politicians can see the backside of their reign slipping down the gurgler of history as they kiss it goodbye. E-Democracy replacing our existing system; is as inevitable as on-line movies replacing Video stores renting you overpriced DVD’s and they will do anything to delay it, ignore it, pretend it isn’t going to happen or worse, conspirer against you to keep your head buried in the sand.

You can argue against what I am saying here or you can say it won’t work. You can anonymously bark down anybody who dares to talk about it on the net or you can partition your local member to have it banned from public discussion but it won’t stop the onward march of the inevitability that responsible people of the future will be active in their online government’s affairs as sure as they will be educating themselves rather than paying ivory tower dweller’s to pontificate on their future. 

Americans have been overzealously proud of their forefathers for having the gumption to form a republic for the environment to play out their version of democracy and England equally proud of their Westminster system but because of the importance of the Internet and the need to rise up and embrace it as proud part of our future governing system, we can either be remembered as the ones that squandered their chance or championed it; don’t be silly enough to delude yourself that it won’t be an issue.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

The British are staying, the British are staying!

Is Malcolm Turn coat bull, the Paul Revere of the Australian Republic Movement or NOT?

This giant paradox, of the leading republican becoming the replacement for the leading monarchist, in the organization most responsible for paying homage to Britain’s Empirical rule of Australia, is the Elephant in the room but none dare say the obvious.

Nothing more than this could possibly be greater motivation for changing the system away from the type of manipulative control that allows Rhodian style politics (cover both sides for the Empire) over real democracy, towards a republic where honesty, openness and a fair go become the catch cry for a nation on the verge of Global significance. 

Desiring a flag that screams out to the world, we are in charge of our own decisions and destiny, should in no way be considered unpatriotic nor disrespectful to the veterans who fought under the union jack. The level of brainwashing that has gone into keeping us loyal vassals to the monarchy of a foreign power should peak and diminish with the appointment of our previous leader to the elitist fraternity designed to uphold and protect the longevity of a icon that has no relevance to the smooth running of our country.

The Royal Order of the Garter and Sir John Howard no longer represent the people of Australia. Anyone who places those primitive ideals above our present well being, and an autonomous future for our children, is the epitome of an enemy that was worthy of the famous night ride that pre-empted Americas rise to greatness as a republic, independent of colonial ties. Don’t be mislead or distracted from the urgency in becoming masters of your own fate. Don’t procrastinate on the immediate need to take charge of your own political processes and above all, demand a head of state that represents you and the system you choose for electing and maintaining  your choices. Anything less is and always will be, traitorous to your nation and your descendants. 

Give the Boxing Kangaroo a fair go. The Green and Gold of our universally recognized national emblem, can wash away the stains of red, white and blue from the backside of our shorts and reinstate some much needed dignity after a long period of mismanagement by the tri-coloured coalition of the willing. Don’t underestimate the rejuvenating effects of a fresh start, especially when financial concerns depend, now more than ever, on a non bias nor bigoted world view.

Australian Rules on the level playing field defined by our oceans, maintained by our people and managed by our united desire for equality, transparency, fairness, friendliness and honesty for all. This would be a better class of game than has been played up until now where the deck has been stacked in favour of those with Empirical connections, it’s just not cricket.