Thursday, February 11, 2010

Shame and repentance

Most of us can only imagine what it must be like to fall from grace when you've been a public figure, previously of high regard. So I gather it would be an act of self preservation, to delude yourself into an obvious lie, regardless of knowing everyone can see the comb-over. Take for instance George W Bush, John Howard or Tony Blair, do they really believe they did the right thing when they were being idolized eventhough the thing they did, led to them being shamed before the whole world?

While the intensity of being a shamed public figure may not be the norm, the phenomenon of self delusion, as a tool to continuing on regardless, is. Millions of ordinary people were totally sucked into the logic of the "Coalition of the Wallys", therefor there must be millions of anonymous self deluder's who are grasping onto the lie their fallen public counterparts have concocted. This mental condition goes undiagnosed year after year, generation after generation and "no doubt" causes ongoing problems in our society. Because a lot of those in denial are people who hold "responsible" positions in the organisations encompassing the "smooth" running of everyones daily lives, maybe a national group therapy day should be held regularly to help purge this mental problem from those who are suffering from it and move our country towards a saner future.

Now I know there will be those that don't want to hear this diagnosis of their present condition and will strugle against the pricks of conscience, but for the sake of those who weren't sucked into the rhetoric of the mass delusion and the children of all, who weren't part of it, the act of repentance is a healing therapy and a balm only those who have genuinely said sorry can know.

To those who hear what I am saying ( not just about about George W's insane war, but many other big wrongs) and don't want to do the right thing by those who were hurt by their error in "intelligence", I have only three more words: SHAME, SHAME, SHAME!

Monday, February 1, 2010

Pharisees and Sadducees of Art

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The Pharisees and Sadducees of Art (the art-erarty)
reside in the temples, built by Inspired the Great
Monopolizing expressions of spirit, as well as the tithe
formatting the practises of late , forging and festering hate.

Like photocopiers of existing talent and gift (realism)
they bolster one another and seek out the weak
laying stumbleing blocks and trip wires for the meek
Stoning the inevitable "sinners", thinning potential "winners".

A brood of vipers I say, stifling any challenge to change
The mass production of frangipanis is the cause
and the crucifixion of the muse, a necessary evil
to put down any "whores" and prevent art wars.

Watch out for the one holding the coats (in support)
secretly scheming and aspiring to persecute the fold
By an amateur psychology and a new testament
that it was all done for your salvation!