Tuesday, March 23, 2010

A bigger bite!

Everyday, I see an army of minimum wage flunkies servicing the interests of property magnates. They are the cleaners, shop assistants and waiters etc, for the tourists industry that is the Gold Coast, Queensland.

Up untill now you could have done OK here in Paradise as a underpaid slave for the negatively geared investors club, by rolling over your home loan till the debt level reached $300,000.oo but now you are up the creek without a paddle. How do you service a community when, as school leavers are now realizing, you have to pay $300.oo per week rent or take out a home loan that your meager $17.50c hourly rate is never going to pay for?

Even if you bite the bullet, roll up your sleeves and get the home loan from hell, you still have to factor in your out of control transport costs, dental plans, rapidly rising power costs, food and rates that would make a blind man blink. When ever I have pointed out this abysmal state of affairs to the one's that created it by voting for John Howard, they allude to the misconception that education can fix the problem and if the ones who are doing it the toughest, would only work harder at getting themselves into a big HEX debt, then they too could join the ranks of the privileged. This unfortunately does not fix the problem, it just passes it of to another sucker because the units still have to be cleaned, the shops manned, the beer poured and it doesn't matter if you are a qualified rocket scientist, you are still a only going to get less than $20.oo an hour to do it.

This problem is REAL, this dilemma is NOW and I would not consider voting for anybody/party that doesn't have a plan for addressing the inequality between the classes because what is going to happen when hard working, young family starters are being jailed for not being able to meet their debts.

It is in every bodies best interests that the working poor be given a bigger bite of the hamburger and that the over fed stop being so dam greedy.


It's about time someone highlighted the disparity between the poorly paid underclass of people who are the bottom tier of the pyramid that is Australian society and the ones who attain higher status, by standing on their shoulders.

When I was a school leaver, forty years ago, petrol was less than 50c a gallon (that's about 4-5 lts for the uneducated), you could buy a new car for less than $3000 or a home for $20,000 and as an unqualified teenager, I could easily earn $10 ph labouring and $350 pw was not an unrealistic take home pay.

Today a young person in similar circumstance has to pay at least $6 per gallon for fuel, $15,000 for a new car and $250,000 for a home. So it is with great sobriety that I state " the average child in this country will have to earn ten times more than my generation to have a chance at achieving the lifestyle their grand/parents rose to." Now while this might be possible for the offspring of the ruling class it is virtually impossible for the bulk of average kids so don't continue to delude yourself any longer, if our children are not revolting, they should be.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Nothing new under the sun?

Nothing new under the sun?

Doing time, is an inevitability, because in the end all we have is time and time is what we don't have enough of.

Achievement requires doing time; a tradesman does time as an apprentice, a sports-person time in the gym and a scholar, time in the library. You could say it is one of the laws of creation, whether you are a Darwinist or a literal six day-ist, you can't be a big fish until you've done time as a guppy. Maybe this is why plagiarism is considered the unforgivable sin by those that haunt the corridors of the academic fortress, because no one knows better than them; if an engineer cheats his/her way into a position of authority the bridges of humanity begin to fall down.

Evil cheats the laws of creation, yet as a Lucifer, it presents as a manifestation of light. Just imagine if a patents clerk stole the idea for nuclear fussion and created a bomb, instead of free enery for the benefit of mankind, or a militaristic dictator stole the plans for a democracy and used them to defeat any opposition to his/her totalitarian reign.

History is full of such examples and can be studied as the rise and fall of any civilization. Our challenge, if we are to break the mold of a crumbling society, is to clearly locate and isolate the points were we are cheating and there is no doubt in my mind that when elements of destruction are elevated to the positions of acceptable solutions, the rot starts to set in. When the taxes collected from gambling, alcohol, tobacco and speeding cars are factored into the health budget, problems are not far ahead. When the army that destroys a city or country is left in charge of it's reconstruction, years of chaos will ensue. While the jailers of men like Nelson Mandela are running the radio stations and the rest of the media, apartheid in it's myriad of forms will preside.

Until the thorn birds are not left to rot on the vines for the pleasurable sounds they bring to the ears of the evil running the orchard and the interpretors of agony into ecstasy are removed from their privileged positions, we are at risk, our existence is challenged and the future happiness of our mutual children is in jeopardy. Let us at least try to define something new under the sun, peace and justice for all.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Dumb Insolence !

The act of remaining silent in a presumptuous and insulting manner.

During the course of the Second World War if you were charged and found guilty of dumb insolence, you could be legally stood up against a wall and shot; so serious was the nature of the crime. It's an effective way of protesting in the face of authority when the words are not allowed to be spoken because they may incriminate you and while the fifth amendment of the United States ConstitutionNo person shall be held to answer for a capital, or otherwise infamous crime, unless on a presentment or indictment of a Grand Jury, except in cases arising in the land or naval forces, or in the Militia, when in actual service in time of War or public danger goes some what towards protecting perpetrators of the act, even there it can be overridden by the military, during times of war.

Now while authorities have found this type of behavior unacceptable in people who are accountable to them, they don't hesitate to use it themselves, when it suits them; to say "no comment". Reguardless of whether you are supported by an authority or not, it is particularly annoying when you come up against it, especially when the perportrator is just using the "crime" because they want their way and don't have a valid argument to support their case. In everyday life, dumb insolence can be used as a tool for bullying people, for example; a group of cool kids decide to ignore a nerd by pretending he/she does not exist or a mean spirited individual monopolizes something that somebody else needs and refuses to dialog on resolving the issue.

In the commercial world, the right to say "no comment" or punish someone for dumb insolence is metered out by Buck the Almighty.
In the world of public service the privilege is decided by, he/she whom recieves the most money from the public purse. In a fair and equitable democracy, no one would be allowed to sink so low that they would use dumb insolence as a tool for pushing people around, without a valid exemption for the instance.

I like to pride myself as being a decent judge of character by sticking to a few basic rules;
* don't relate the size of someones wallet to their worth
* don't morally grade someone on what church they attend or their position in it
* don't worry about what dangles between someones legs or lack thereof
and if someone is able to rationally talk about conflicts of opinion, they are less likely to resort to violence and unjust acts.

The scatological dissemination society

The scatological dissemination society

The science derives from the Greeks (σκώρ "feces" & λογικός "the study of reasoning").

In considering this important strain of scientific understanding lets take for instance the story of Troy or the exploits of Alexander the Great, as examples of how scatological droppings can spread all around the world. In reality they were a rampaging bunch of barbaric invaders who raped and pillaged, but if you read their literature, they are reconstructed as legendary heroes. Similarly, the Romans carried on the tradition, along with every other Empirical regime since and if the Nazis won the second world war, we would be up to our ears in their brand of pooh. Currently the new crop of beefcake paddies are being spread by the Americans in conjunction with their coalition of comrades in arms and the trails all seem to lead back to the Pentagon, or associated agencies. The heaviest deposits seem to accumulate around technology centers and if you are seeking some specimens they won't be far from a computer or the media based service providers.

Now while this brand of anthropological data has been used efficiently to keep the average Joe Blow up to date with what is expected of them to know, it is getting a little long in the tooth and it might be time for those in the industry to reconsider the way they go about their "science". What with the invention of all the mod-cons we the people have at our disposal, like flushing toilets etc, we can learn to analize the stools for ourselves and a new era of freedom from the muck spreaders can be achieved.

So, it is with great respect that I propose the end of the scatological dissemination society and the beginnings of a new way of understanding how the Great Apes go about their buisness.

Friday, March 5, 2010

A brave new world?

A brave New World?

Old world thinking has had it's day in many ways. I wouldn't get a lot of argument if I listed all past wisdoms that have bit the dust in line with current thinking, but if I begin to address some of the sacred cows that should be in the same category, I immediately notice raised hackles on the guard dogs of the banal "facts" preservation society. Take the English language, for instance, which has always been an evolving system of expression; if any modern adaptation rears it's head, an army of "old fashionistas" take to their brooms and if they had their way we would all be still theeing and thouing. Or in religion, the ones who want the mass said in Latin, an elitist language of scholars and a bourgeoisie who like to lord it over the common man with their understanding of a tired old communication format.

It's a brave new world which embraces change and doesn't suppress it. While you may think it strange for me to quote a thirties novel to accentuate my point, consider this; eugenics as portrayed in Aldous Huxley's classic dystopia, is a tired old theory. If the elitists, who espouse it, were forced onto the public stage to debate it, instead of cowering in their ivory towers alluding to it, we would see it relegated to the trash bin of history were it belongs. When Prescott Bush pushed for President of the United States, he was soon put in his place because of his association with this type of eugenic stance. The Reverend Thomas Robert Malthus's works have been conspicuously veiled from the general public view because of their controversial nature. When Eugenic Societies were forced to change the signage on the fronts of their buildings, to that of the more acceptable Family Planning Centers, it went relatively unnoticed. The concept of Alpha and Beta humans is offensive to the bulk of humanity when we all know, given equal opportunity, new blood strays are quite often the salvation of inbreed pedigrees.

It's old fashioned thinking to continue to believe the Earth cannot sustain large diversities of life, for example; if we were to continue to use old fashions fosile fuels sure we would run out and problems would occur but if we move to sustainable practises, no problems. You can apply this type of thinking to all the "problems" Malthus referred to in his flawed mathematical reckonings.

If you are still of the mindset that disregarding the human rights of the underprivileged is an answer to the worlds perceived problems and that there is some moral high ground to be had in favoring the already favored few then maybe you are the one's we would all be better off without.The future belongs to the brave, not the morally indignant and while I'm not suggesting all problems can be simply fixed by adapting to a new way of thinking it's better than wallowing in the muddy thoughts of past professors of a limited view. We, of the now, have more information at our finger tips than any previously held in high regard thinker could have possibly imagined. We can develop systems so unique to the world as it is now, that the building blocks of the past simply don't fit and new ideas can be assembled from the ground up with new thinking at it's base not the confused mutterings of bygone legends.