Tuesday, March 23, 2010


It's about time someone highlighted the disparity between the poorly paid underclass of people who are the bottom tier of the pyramid that is Australian society and the ones who attain higher status, by standing on their shoulders.

When I was a school leaver, forty years ago, petrol was less than 50c a gallon (that's about 4-5 lts for the uneducated), you could buy a new car for less than $3000 or a home for $20,000 and as an unqualified teenager, I could easily earn $10 ph labouring and $350 pw was not an unrealistic take home pay.

Today a young person in similar circumstance has to pay at least $6 per gallon for fuel, $15,000 for a new car and $250,000 for a home. So it is with great sobriety that I state " the average child in this country will have to earn ten times more than my generation to have a chance at achieving the lifestyle their grand/parents rose to." Now while this might be possible for the offspring of the ruling class it is virtually impossible for the bulk of average kids so don't continue to delude yourself any longer, if our children are not revolting, they should be.

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