Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Nothing new under the sun?

Nothing new under the sun?

Doing time, is an inevitability, because in the end all we have is time and time is what we don't have enough of.

Achievement requires doing time; a tradesman does time as an apprentice, a sports-person time in the gym and a scholar, time in the library. You could say it is one of the laws of creation, whether you are a Darwinist or a literal six day-ist, you can't be a big fish until you've done time as a guppy. Maybe this is why plagiarism is considered the unforgivable sin by those that haunt the corridors of the academic fortress, because no one knows better than them; if an engineer cheats his/her way into a position of authority the bridges of humanity begin to fall down.

Evil cheats the laws of creation, yet as a Lucifer, it presents as a manifestation of light. Just imagine if a patents clerk stole the idea for nuclear fussion and created a bomb, instead of free enery for the benefit of mankind, or a militaristic dictator stole the plans for a democracy and used them to defeat any opposition to his/her totalitarian reign.

History is full of such examples and can be studied as the rise and fall of any civilization. Our challenge, if we are to break the mold of a crumbling society, is to clearly locate and isolate the points were we are cheating and there is no doubt in my mind that when elements of destruction are elevated to the positions of acceptable solutions, the rot starts to set in. When the taxes collected from gambling, alcohol, tobacco and speeding cars are factored into the health budget, problems are not far ahead. When the army that destroys a city or country is left in charge of it's reconstruction, years of chaos will ensue. While the jailers of men like Nelson Mandela are running the radio stations and the rest of the media, apartheid in it's myriad of forms will preside.

Until the thorn birds are not left to rot on the vines for the pleasurable sounds they bring to the ears of the evil running the orchard and the interpretors of agony into ecstasy are removed from their privileged positions, we are at risk, our existence is challenged and the future happiness of our mutual children is in jeopardy. Let us at least try to define something new under the sun, peace and justice for all.

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