Sunday, January 4, 2009

The British are staying, the British are staying!

Is Malcolm Turn coat bull, the Paul Revere of the Australian Republic Movement or NOT?

This giant paradox, of the leading republican becoming the replacement for the leading monarchist, in the organization most responsible for paying homage to Britain’s Empirical rule of Australia, is the Elephant in the room but none dare say the obvious.

Nothing more than this could possibly be greater motivation for changing the system away from the type of manipulative control that allows Rhodian style politics (cover both sides for the Empire) over real democracy, towards a republic where honesty, openness and a fair go become the catch cry for a nation on the verge of Global significance. 

Desiring a flag that screams out to the world, we are in charge of our own decisions and destiny, should in no way be considered unpatriotic nor disrespectful to the veterans who fought under the union jack. The level of brainwashing that has gone into keeping us loyal vassals to the monarchy of a foreign power should peak and diminish with the appointment of our previous leader to the elitist fraternity designed to uphold and protect the longevity of a icon that has no relevance to the smooth running of our country.

The Royal Order of the Garter and Sir John Howard no longer represent the people of Australia. Anyone who places those primitive ideals above our present well being, and an autonomous future for our children, is the epitome of an enemy that was worthy of the famous night ride that pre-empted Americas rise to greatness as a republic, independent of colonial ties. Don’t be mislead or distracted from the urgency in becoming masters of your own fate. Don’t procrastinate on the immediate need to take charge of your own political processes and above all, demand a head of state that represents you and the system you choose for electing and maintaining  your choices. Anything less is and always will be, traitorous to your nation and your descendants. 

Give the Boxing Kangaroo a fair go. The Green and Gold of our universally recognized national emblem, can wash away the stains of red, white and blue from the backside of our shorts and reinstate some much needed dignity after a long period of mismanagement by the tri-coloured coalition of the willing. Don’t underestimate the rejuvenating effects of a fresh start, especially when financial concerns depend, now more than ever, on a non bias nor bigoted world view.

Australian Rules on the level playing field defined by our oceans, maintained by our people and managed by our united desire for equality, transparency, fairness, friendliness and honesty for all. This would be a better class of game than has been played up until now where the deck has been stacked in favour of those with Empirical connections, it’s just not cricket.

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