Thursday, December 18, 2008

NON-THEISM as an alternative.

Atheism is rapidly becoming a religion and Christianity a hotbed of controversy; Islam a dirty word, Buddhism, Hindi and New Age a refuge for old hippies. I would encourage all sensible, open minded, freethinking individuals to consider the rarely used term Non-theist as the description of an alternative to the rather extreme views being put forward lately by bi-polar commentators who seem to be convinced, one way or another, that their view of everything is the only one to hold.
Now, I don't expect anyone to drop what works for them but when speaking out on improvable theories please consider the unscientific nature of ass-u-me-ing GOD does or doesn't exist. Neither of these views have been proven or disproved conclusively no matter how vehemently stated. When you quote words out of an old book, as proof of the validity of what you are stating, it holds no weight if your opponent doesn't value the text as much as you do; that goes for egg-headed Atheists as well as Bible bashing fundamentalists.

Non-Theism is the thinking mans / womens alternative, placing yourself central but isolated from radical views. It is an open and informed stance on issues that are yet to be resolved, striking a home run for the people who don't want to be drawn into arguments that seem to be going nowhere. When someone asks what religion you are, confidently replying Non-Theist should not offend anyone yet allows you the room to manoeuvre as your knowledge on the issues increases or personal experiences enlightens.
Don't get me wrong, I have my own opinions on what God and religion should be (and the origins of the Universe) but I refuse to be dictated to by entities who, by strength of numbers, portray themselves as experts on maters that can only be described as theory. I may or may not choose to accept portions of what they say as truth but I don't have to buy it holas-bolas and I don't have to ram it down anybodies throat. If my children are to be educated in the knowledge of religion or science, I would prefer it if their teachers were educated Non-Theists who were opening their minds to the broad spread of opinion and leaving them to make up their own minds on which particular views they aspire to hold. I don't see any value in insisting that they be educated by creationalists or disciples of Darwin but someone who had a non-biased attitude and good working knowledge of both, would do.
So, we may have been brought to our present place in history by mono-brained, single minded achievers who caved out a place for us to exist and we may have then been enlightened by Bi-polar argumentative types who gave us Democracy as it is now but the time has come for Multi-dimensional thinkers to take the wheel and steer us wisely into the future. Give our children half a chance to rise above the petty squabbling of the last generation and sit back for the ride of a lifetime as a spirit of co-operation and acceptance of others views, catapults us to the stars and beyond.

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