Sunday, September 19, 2010

Text: Sink the NBN?

Sink the NBN?

Text: Sink the NBN?

"Sink the NBN Admiral Turn-bull!" came the call
"Aye, aye your Majesty" the dutiful reply echoed
Before you could keel haul a land lubber, the brave Admiral climbed the nearest mast and began rattling his sabre towards the enemy.
This could be a scene from a Monty Python script if it wasn't so absurd. No sooner than the sounds of Tony's promises, of establishing a responcible opposition, are fading from ones ears, the man who was deposed by a nice knifing in the back is commissioned to destroy one of the newly elected governments main infrastructure building programs. We, the gullible public, had just finished listening to a disgruntled coalition on how ridiculous it was that Kevin Rudd could be reinstated with an important role in the Gillard Ministries, because of way he was deposed, when Malcomb is elevated by Tony who had done the same thing to him.
When we have all had to endure months of electioneering to decide which elected representatives are going to be allowed to form a government, so that they can get on with the business of ensuring the trains run on time, what is there in the grand scheme of things that makes Tony think that this is the way we expect him to behave? IMO there must be some mechanism put in place to bring to heel an opposition that refuses to accept the umpires decision and gets on with the task of positively building alternative policies, without resorting to the negative destructive behaviours we are now witnessing.

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