Thursday, January 14, 2010

Get with the program

When we have a big problem with our thinking, quite often we are the last ones to notice it. When Adam had a bite of the apple, he probably couldn’t see anything wrong with it. When Saul/ Paul decided to gather a band of followers, kill and imprison Jesus’ followers, he probably thought he was being morally responsible. When Germany rallied to Hitler’s ravings, they were certain they were on the right track. So if we are making a huge error in thinking, how would we know?

Inevitably, when evaluating this phenomenon, the truism “only time will tell” becomes the mark of all judgements. So it is not a bad idea to use that measure to self analyse , take for instance if you were one of those indignant Aussies who were certain the dingo was innocent in the Adzharia Chamberlin case, time proved you wrong. If you thought Joh Bjelke-Petersen was just a nice guy who was good for Queensland, the Fitzgerald Inquiry eventually put paid to that myth. If you thought George Bush and John How-odd were justified in waging war over weapons of mass destruction, you are now put in your place.

If you are currently of the mindset that the war on drugs will solve the problem or warnings on the packets of cigarettes will stop kids from smoking or a tax on alcho-pops will reduce kiddie alcoholism, then time is currently doing a job on you. New ways of thinking are required here as with many other old and outdated errors of judgement and as the bible recommends, a transformation of renewing the mind is required. So get on it before you end up looking like a total jerk or worse, criminally responsible for duty of care issues and side with the ones who are prepared to recommend the hard decisions be made by those who are paid to make the hard decisions.

The only way the best outcomes will be realized with smoking and drinking issues is to put the ones profiteering from it out of business. The only way to fix the illegal drug trade is to take the profit out of it and the only way to stop our kids ending up in hospital from speed related accidents is to stop registering cars that can exceed the speed limit. Get with the program!

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