Thursday, January 14, 2010

A Global Warning

When things heat up, physical changes occur, ice turns to water and water turns to steam. When human relations heat up, talk turns to arguments and arguments turn to violence. These truisms may have more relevance to the fate of mankind than would be realized at first glance. Take for instance the two big issues on the world stage at the moment, global warming and the war against terrorism.

When dialogue and sanctions broke down with the war in Iraq, violence erupted and George Bush committed trillions of dollars to proving America was the toughest kid on the block. Imagine for one second if all that money and effort went towards the other big problem, maybe we would all have solar cells on our roofs by now and Copenhagen would be an irrelevance.

Last month Barack Obama and K. Rudd signed away trillions more of taxpayers dollars to the never ending story of war against people who would threaten your security, whilst totally failing to put a penny towards the other problem; which if left unattended could be the end of us all. But never the less, I don’t blame them, they are being pushed around by people who only care about their jobs in the industrial military complex and the filthy dirty planet stuffing industries.

So, in summary, if you don’t want, ice to turn to water, water to turn to steam, talk to turn to argument and arguments to turn to more war, make sure when you pay your taxes and vote for your puppet, commonsense prevails.

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