Saturday, May 15, 2010

A Spectrum of Views

Does it ever amaze or amuse you, that some people assume we all see things from the same perspective? It's obvious and understandable, when dealing with the big issues on a global scale, that Westerners see things differently than Easterners, City dwellers to Country folk and Indigenous to Interlopers but within the sub-cultures not so.

Australians are a diverse breed, so when I hear "experts" pontificating on a subject as if we are all on the same page it annoys me because it forms the bedrock discrimination grows on. You could call it "Pauline Hanson Syndrome", assuming WE (Australians) all think the same about things and if you don't your not really an Australian. It invades all aspects of community life and thinking outside the box is rarely tolerated and often leads to isolation from the heard.

Now, while this very article may fall into the category of un-Australian thinking and some will isolate it from their common sense leanings, for those whom aren't in denial, I have a template to guard against PHS.

1. Is my idea Mono-polar (does it leave no room for dissent)?
2. Is it Bi-polar ( does it create an us and them mentality)?
3. Is it Tri-polar (sitting confused, in the middle of two polar extremes)?
4. Is it Multi-dimentional ( sitting centered in a spectrum of views and able to relate to all)?

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