Saturday, May 15, 2010

The intelligence behind the creation

Since the advent of the digital information era, it has become clear that infomation can exist without form. A USB filled with information doesn't weigh more than a blank one.

We humans may not be any different to an organic USB plugged into the computer that is Earth and the realization of such maybe the single greatest leap in evolutionary advancement.

The magnetosphere of Earth has the potential to store all the information that is us, if it isn't destroyed, and yet we continue to mine and pollute.

The Sun, worshiped as the creator by those extremely clever Ancient Egyptians, has information/energy visibly circulating around it and provides us with all the elements to sustain life; so who are we to imagine it doesn't possess consciousness and the ability to oversee our existence?

Now while I do not have the resorces to prove the assumption "it is the intelligence behind the creation", I don't believe anyone can disprove it.

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