Friday, June 18, 2010

Media Magic 2

Once upon a time you could trust your eyes and ears, not any more!

We really must be vigilant in engaging the b/s meter when reacting to what we see or what we hear. Spinsters used to be single old maidens plying a trade beneficial to weavers, at least. Now there are spin-stirs, greedy good for nothing a’holes, capable of selling you anything for their own benefit. Take for instance the gun lobby, they would sell you the line everybody has the right to carry a gun, but they don’t really mean it. What they mean is that they want the right to be judge, jury and executioner of anyone they deem to be guilty of threatening their prosperity. If everyone carried a gun it would be Dodge City all over again and the guy with the biggest gun rules or the scumbag that sneaks up behind you gets to tell his/her version of events while you rot in boot hill.

Then there’s the Tobacco and Alcohol lobbyists, they would sell you the line people have the right to decide for themselves, while addicting children to their products which subtly take away their ability to choose. The government spin-stirs plaster our living rooms with advertisements condemning smokers and drinkers to an early grave while raking in billions in ill gotten gains; when if it wasn’t for their addiction to the generated revenue, they could pass a bill tomorrow and end the evil trade.

The Hocus Pocus of unethical professionals swirls before you every day with the sole intent of lulling you into a state of mind from which they can profit. Everybody knows, every body can see the comb over, but we are so mesmerized by it and so used to the conditioning, we just go along with it. They tell you aspartame will make you slim, trim and terrific and permanently overweight people lap it up by the truckload. They tell you Round up ready, genetically modified crops are the go and before you know it were all shoving it down our gobs. They sell you the concept there is no God while they are trying there damndest to become your god; believe me?

Women used to want the right to bare boobs, now they want to bare arms.

Men used to plot their pay off, now they pay off their plot.

Children used to inherit a future, now they doubt any future.

The poor, the meek and the ones who mourn used to believe one day they would have their reward but the spin-stirs have even coverted that.

I believe in a creative force that doesn’t condone magic, but I sure wish someone would click their fingers and wake us all up.

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