Friday, June 18, 2010

Now I'm not a prude or a wowser by any gauge but I have got to tell you I find it repulsive the way the children of our "civilization" have been bombarded with uncensored images of war. The warnographers of this world have been given carte blanche to pervert the minds of our most vulnerable and while they were diverting our moral attention span away from the foulest of human behavior, they focused it on the lesser of two evils pornography.

The "god-fearing" leaders of the Judaeo-Christian and Muslim nations have consistently ignored the effect, of their lust for war, on the innocent and chosen instead to demonize anything vaguely associated with sexuality outside the accepted norms. On a scale of one to ten, how do YOU rate the collateral damage caused by war verses porn?

If we rate the billions of people who have had their guts ripped out by war as a ten, then I would suggest by comparison, the victims of porn would be less than one. Why are we not as outraged when we find our children splattering heads on the Internet as we would be if we found them on a naked human site?

Responsible adults should understand the irony of this and no matter what your particular brand of belief is, collectively pray that the world gets it priorities in place and doesn't continue on with the insanities of the warnographers.

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