Friday, June 18, 2010

Fast Cars and Fat Cats

Fast Cars & Fat Cats

Text: Fast Cars & Fat Cats

Most red blooded boy’s have fantasized on driving an over polished, internally combusted, fuel guzzling, super model on a long legged journey to an exotic destination but I think it’s about time these penile extensions were parked in the museum for really bad idea’s. No longer should rational, accountable, sane individuals have to gaze upon balding executives, exercising their ego’s in Foreign Convertibles as anything other than irresponsible, childish, selfish behaviour. No longer should race cars for the road, be tolerated for any reason, by anybody. There can be no justification for personal transport that needs the power to exceed 200kph nor should public servants be allowed to endorse them in anyway. They should be treated the same way as Tobacco products that kill. The death toll and cost of hospitalization for the victims is unacceptable and all efforts made to put an end to the carnage.
The time has come to stand up against car company executives who think they can continue this insanity while they claim compensation from an already
heavily taxed public. If they wish to continue trading in our future transport needs, then terms must be struck to make sure safe, reliable, sensibly paced
cars are their priority not Bathurst prepared V8’s. Publicity, promotions and advertisements regulated in the same way as other life endangering products have to be. Sales restrictions to protect the youth, legislation to protect us all and fines for the non-compliant.
We have to stop glorifying James Bond’s, Jack Brabham’s and Peter Brock Specials just like we had to stop idolizing the cigarette smoking celebrity if we want to move forward in the evolutionary stakes. It’s not just a matter of protecting the environment, although that’s reason enough, but developing a self preservation attitude against irrational self destructive behaviours and leading the next generation in that direction.
You can barge your way through life, blast along country roads when you think no one is watching or cruise the strip in your hot rod if you really want to, that’s the privilege of belonging to a liberal society, but you should not expect that people won’t look at you like your a moron or pretend they think your cool. My suggestion is that you grow up, behave and stop indulging your fantasies at great social cost.
For those that choose the sensible path, don’t encourage the feeble minded in their self indulgence. Don’t look longingly upon the overpriced planet stuffing machines when your travelling smart-safe and compliment one another on your intelligent choices.

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