Friday, June 18, 2010

Not a patch on legislation.
I just don't get it, Nicotine patches to fight Nicotine addiction and targeting victims of the unscrupulous pushers with a concentrated form of the very drug that binds them to the state endorsed merchants of death and disease. This is somewhat akin to asking inmates of Auschwitz to pay for cyanide laced band-aids or gum in the vain hope it will help rid them of the fascist state that's killing them in the first place.
While I have no doubt some people have had success with the final solution, it occurs to me if you wanted to solve the overall problem you would outlaw the offending substance and those who were unscrupulous enough to participate its sale. As with everything else in this world of double standards, the very same people who are adamant about Cannabis and it's pushers being outlawed, don't seem to be similarly concerned when it comes to the Nicotine pushers, even though they have been responsible for the biggest genocidal attack on humanity bar none. While we have outlets for the sale and distribution of the drugs that fill our hospitals with the bulk of their patients, openly plying their immoral trade on most street corners in the western world, I for one refuse to take them seriously when it comes to these half baked campaigns for me to spend the remainder of my meager pittance on the deadly chewing gum they say will fix me.
How hard could it be to legislate these corporate giants out of existence? Every time I have spoken about this to a fellow victim, of this insidious plot, I've had a positive response but it seems to me the only one's who argue for the rights of companies to continue their reign of terror are the non-smoking authorities who demand their right to continue to collect taxes; how evil is that? It's not as though the monies they make are clear profit, they have to pass it over to the 'health professionals' who are looking after the ones who were made ill by the initial sale. So in the end it seems to be about the rights of a small group of people who value their incomes over the health of the bulk of the people and they are the ones who are trying to ram poisonous chewing gum down your throat.
When do we get to the point were we insist our well paid public servant behave in a responsible manor and demand they put an end to this insanity once and for all? It would be in every bodies best interests if they just bit the bullet and put the plans on the table for the end to the era of state approved drug pushing, anything else is just inane posturing.

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