Friday, June 18, 2010

Mob Rules!

I don’t think anybody would disagree, Mobsters ruin communities.

To get a picture in your mind, of what I am on about, just think Chicago during the prohibition years. Al Capone and Frank Nitti rode rough shot over a whole metropolis, while they ran gambling, prostitution and sold booze & drugs on every street corner. Now stop for a moment and ask yourself who carries out that tradition in our society today?

Mobster require one main ingredient to formalize their rule, a mob; so regardless of who’s the boss, it’s the mob that empowers. The average person
empowers the big bosses of this country and every time they put money in a slot machine, back a horse, buy grog or suck on a bit of smoko weed. They are
financing a system that is responsible for the bulk of family hardships, illness
and death. Now I hear the cries, surely not, our responsible leaders of industry
and government should not be put in the same category, they don’ carry machine guns, they don’t mow down innocent people in the course of maintaining their monopolies, or do they?

Our society doesn’t tolerate irresponsible, profiteering, drug dealing, pimps
because they prey on peoples weaknesses for their own greedy ambitions. Well
call me a liar, if you want to, but when the big company executives and
governmental bodies budget for large profits, in the fore mentioned areas, are
they not doing exactly the same thing? You may well put forward an argument in support of this kind of irresponsible behaviour, quoting the fiscal necessity
and the befits of job retention as overriding the moral imperative, but then you
are exactly the problem I am talking about.

For those who get it, you may well say ‘what can we do about it, we are just
the victims’ or ‘that’s the way it always been and after all you can’t change
city hall’. Well to that I say ‘BULLS*IT; don’t curtail social reform for those
reasons, fight for you children’s rights to live in a better era. There IS no
rational reason that we have to put up with mobsters running our lives and
making bad decisions that affect the very core of our existence. Demand
substantial social reforms and don’t hand over your power to representatives
who don’t have the highest moral agenda on this issue, because if you do, then you are the mob.

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