Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Rivers of opacity

Opacity is the opposite of clarity and rivers of impenetrable political rhetoric flow through our living rooms daily, in regards to the big issues facing our nation and the Earth. We are inundated with reports ranging from the destruction of our planet, to the monetary worries of the worlds financial institutions and the security actions of troops in places like Afghanistan, but to what extent do we really understand?
Let's start with the Global Financial Crisis (GFC); we were kept in the dark while all those in the know were very aware our Superannuation funds were channeling monies into dicey Sub Prime loans and despite the myriads of financial reports brought to us by the mainstream, we were caught flat footed and aghast when the reality of the GFC came home to roost.
In regards to matters military, we went to war with Iraq over vague reports of Weapons of Mass Destruction, mainly because the sanctions weren't working, while the Australian Wheat Board was "secretly" manipulating billions of dollars in grain deals with Sadam Hussein. This was the reality while the worlds largest build up of security "experts" and foreign correspondents were suppose to be looking after our interests and keeping us informed on the situation.
Now to the fiasco of Climate Change; last years grave concerns for the salvation of the planet via a Carbon Trading Tax (and all the associated who-ha about us becoming a leading light) has totally disappeared from the cerebral cortex's of the countries leading editors and has been replaced by an obsession to pander to the big mining concerns about the repercussions of a Super Profits Tax. If a common sense, consistent approach to this matter was followed instead of an emotive outpouring of fear based logic, newspapers, radios and LCD screens would be pointing out we should be thinking about reducing the reliance on fossil fuels and winding down jobs in the Planet Stuffing Industries. But sadly no such luck because the ones that tried to convince you Kevin Rudd was responsible for getting us into debt durring the recovery from the GFC and that the refugees flooding into our country was not caused by previous governments failed foreign policies, are hell bent on brainwashing you into believing a change of government, in the upcoming election, is the only way you are going to save your ass.
Propaganda used to be the main tool for manipulating large population into doing the will of ruling elites but now we just have a sluice of opaque views leading to a dullness of mind that ensures the unseen power brokers get their way.

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