Tuesday, July 6, 2010

The grass IS greener

When looking at the world as a whole, the continent of Australia stands out like a shag on a rock. There it sits right in the middle of the southern oceans, smack dab in between Africa and Sth America with Asia above us and Antarctica below. It’s one hell of a piece of real estate, probably the most desirable slab of land in our Galaxy.
There are 6,829,693,500 people on 148,429,000 square kilometers of turf on our planet in our little corner of the universe. Australia has 22,376,302 people on 7,687,000 square kilometers, that's approximately one / three hundredth of the people on a twentieth of the available land or simply 0.33% on 5%.
Considering these facts (and that the basics of human rights is the right and a place to exist) we lucky few, here in Aus, are potentially the head fascists of the worlds monopoly board and as our Prime Minister opened up the debate this week on what our policy should be towards policing our borders, we should tread carefully before stating our opinion on discriminating against 99.66% of the people we share this planet with.
In my opinion, we should at least put a plan on the table for addressing this heinous imbalance before pulling up the draw bridges. With a modicum of responsible behaviour we could take in vast amounts of refuges from all places and go somewhat towards placating the bulk of humanity who might not have previously noticed the imbalance, but inevitably will.

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