Friday, July 9, 2010

The honeymoon is over

It’s really quite bazaar the way Australia’s general public is manipulated by the media when it comes to giving the ever changing array of Prime ministers (or opposition leaders) their support or not.
One minute we are all quite chuffed with Mr 70% popularity and laughing at the images of the Emperor of the Republican Party, sorry Liberal Party, being knifed in the back. Then we are looking lovingly at Tony the Iron Man and considering him for the number one job, even though his only qualification seems to be disagreeing with anything anybody says.
We are then encouraged to be appalled at Julia (see-saw) usurping Kevin's reign, even though it was a liberal dose of media that did the hatchet job on him. But because she is a woman, she is soon forgiven and then after a short honeymoon the knives are being sharpened again on the old grind stone of evil boat people.
What a pathetic bunch we must look like to any sane observer! It’s not bad enough the ridiculous behavior of our elected parliamentarians is broadcast live to the world on the ABC, but now we appear to be seriously considering changing another perfectly adequate leader for a budgie smuggling mad monk, all because the story hungry, meddling media, can’t help themselves.

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