Friday, August 20, 2010

Turn your lights on

Can you clearly see were the nation of Australia, is heading? I see a very definite, fork in the road ahead.
The decision we will have to make is not so much whether we will be governed by a liberal or labour party but whether we will steer to the left or the right of the elephant in the middle of the road? On one side is the dusty old road of protectionism, racism and the elitism of belonging to an Empire that had the delusion of being the God given, rightful rulers of the world. The other side is the highway to responsible global citizenship, where we take on the mantle of a progressive nation intent on sustainable, global practises and embracing the high profile position of becoming the worlds newest Republic.
Yes, the elephant I speak of is the great age of our existing monarch. One way or another we are going to have to address the problem of a change of circumstance, whether it be having a new King as our head of state or becoming a Democracy of a more modern kind. Mr Abbott leaves no doubt about which way he would go, being the number one replacement candidate for our countries most senior positioned confirmed monarchist. Julia Gillard, on the other hand, see's the way forward as embracing the aforementioned moment to become something better than we have ever been before.
The monarchists would argue doing nothing and excepting Charles as our King, is the best path to take, because they like the benefits of being associated with that system; as well as all the nasty, unspeakable acts done in it's name. Moving forward to a new style of government is an apostasy to them just as if the monarch was the head of their religion, instead of just the Church of England. In a day and age where religion and affairs of state are becoming dangerously incompatible, the very reasons they give for carrying on with a stiff upper lip, may very well be the best argument for distancing the British Royals from our Multicultural Democracy.
Isn't it about time we switched on the headlights and begin to see things clearly? We didn't vote for a change from the present system last time we were given a chance because the time wasn't right and we weren't given enough information on the types of republic's we could choose from. But if Julia is re-elected on the twenty first of August, we should take her for her word, as well as her stance on taking things to the public and demand a Citizens Forum for preparing ourselves for the time when we, as a nation, have to take the next BIG step in the view we present to a Multi-cultural world.

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