Thursday, August 26, 2010

The Way Forward

We are now witnessing a monumental display, of the primitive nature, of the old fashioned paper based voting system.
Imagine the stock market or the banking industry following the example set by our electoral commission. You would buy stocks or bank money and they would say to you, wait a couple of weeks and we will eventually get around to looking at the piece of paper you scribbled your request on and then get back to you.
It’s a joke that the authorities can’t get around to upgrading the most important aspect of our governmental system, to a modern system which can count votes as quickly as Australian Idol. Ask yourself why we have to waste paper, money and fuel to upgrade our details on the government database, get out of bed on Saturday to drive to a polling station and tick boxes with an un-environmentally sustainable scribbling device on pieces of paper after being molested by polar unbearables handing out insults to your intelligence. Get a grip here, we all have state of the art polling devices in our reach that could remedy this insanity, yet we put up with this shit.
Do yourself, and everyone else, a favor and don't complain about what an idiot Abbott is or what a backstabber is Julia but demand a remake of the system that is letting you down as we speak.
My personal opinion is that they have no intention of upgrading the way we voice our democratic rights because once the electronic system is in place to vote for a person to represent you, the next logical step is we can vote on issues and that is unacceptable to those who make their living propagating the existing farce.

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