Friday, November 5, 2010

Rev it up, Richard Cranium..!

Rev it up, Richard Cranium..!

Text: Rev it up, Richard Cranium..!

Isn't it amazing how we, as a civilized bunch of evolved beings, can deplore road fatalities yet cheer for and acclaim racing drivers on any weekend in the year of living dangerously? Somehow or other we don't associate our lust for speed related recreational activities with the road toll, but common sense would assure us that promotion of speed demon activities, will inevitably raise the cost of human sacrifice on our roads.
We, the educated public , conveniently ignore the obvious and allow governments to promote the very thing that comes home to haunt us; in the horror of hospital casualties. Don't fret yourself on this Bathurst weekend, you can be assured most of your loyal Aussie compatriots will be cheering for Holden or Ford and will not consider, for one moment, the effect it will have on the next generation. Death on our roads is inevitable until the government starts to take seriously the consequences of their inaction.

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