Friday, November 5, 2010

Spend up BIG on war

Spend up BIG on war

Text: Spend up BIG on war

Is it only me or does anybody else find it absurd that the combined, most expensive and ridiculously equipped armies, navies and air forces of the western world cannot seem to be able to win a single war against various groups whom have no warships, tanks or supersonic aircraft?
Taxpayers of America, Europe and Australia watch year after year as their hard earned funds are channelled into mega battles, until the well paid Generals get around to admitting that the only way to get out of their predicaments is to train the “locals” in the finer arts of war.
Now call me naive, if you will, but I think a cost/benefit analysis of this situation would significantly prove, beyond any shadow of a doubt, it would be better to get the “locals” to train our Generals in the art of how to effectively run a war without all the expensive tanks, battleships and jet fighters.
Hands up those who think the real reasons behind these farcical incursions are more about keeping all the Generals, Admirals, Majors, Lieutenants and Captains in paid employment and really cool toys, rather than protecting the taxpayers that pay their wages.

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