Saturday, September 27, 2008


Steam is a useful commodity, try making a decent cup of coffee without it. Gray has a much more useful range of shades than black or white. Bi-polar attitudes, which observe only in the extremes of the full spectrum, can be disruptive or at best, limited in their overall view. Because we live in a world which incorporates all the above truths, it is understandable that conflicts arise and now, with Multi-Dimensional Awareness, we can begin to explore the infinite possibilities of using a plethora of extreme views to hopefully arrive at solutions which can benefit all. Take for example, a round table of religious or political extremists who have agreed to participate in discussions which, if successful, could improve everyone's lot. I can hear the cries of disbelief from here; not possible they say, it could never happen, no good will come of it, it'll end in disaster. Why?
In the past certain truths were held self-evident but with the passing of time became ridiculous, eg: the flat earth theory, if man were meant to fly he would have wings, it's as unreachable as the moon and women are the weaker sex. With this in mind, envisioning solutions to problems that previously were thought to be un-workable shouldn't be out of the question. A future generation of computer savvy kid's could possibly workout solutions to problems we couldn't even imagine and therein lies the answers to the table full of yesterday's hero's not being able to sort out their differences.
If there are no simple solutions, to say peace on Earth, then start working on complex solutions by compiling a matrix of everyone's perspectives at least then you would have a basis for everyone agreeing because their needs are being considered. A small computer can't work out problems to large for it's programing to handle but a super computer with unlimited memory has the capacity to solve any problem. Are not we entering an age where all the worlds problems could be solved, at least in cyber-space, and who wouldn't want that except those who make it their business to create problems?
Even troublemakers can be included in solutions if they are relegated to a group that has the right to their opinions but not to a monopoly on actions required. Fire has it's part to play in making the perfect cup of coffee but amazingly enough you don't have to get burnt by it to appreciate the brew and similarly water is essential but you don't want to drown in it.
For the first time in recorded history we have the tools at our disposal to form and run one planet, like our lives depend on it, for the people by the people and anyone that opposes that goal should not be considered worthy of calling themselves human beings, they are more appropriately human has been's. Educate yourself and you children to participate in real universal democracy not the half baked dough we are currently being fed, that makes a mockery of the original concept. Where everyone concerned has a say in the day to day running's of their world and not just the right to vote for Twiddle-de or Twiddle-dum once in a while.
An appropriately run Internet system could be our link to a fair and just future, without it our prospects are limited at least. If we can mix all the elements into an eclectic self governing tool for the benefit of all humanity, not just a privileged few, then war, starvation, poverty, discrimination, ignorance and the like can all become a things of the past along with the flat earth theory and the people who would promote it. All life as we know it has been threatened by fear, greed and ignorance; if we all pull together with love, generosity and intelligence we can win the war against war. Use the tool at your fingertips to have a say in your future, create a simulated paradise and it will become a reality but waste your time playing games, watching Big Brother, leaving it to others to look out for your interests and you may as well kiss your presently enjoyed freedoms goodbye.
Well, I feel as though if I've done my bit for the day; I might just mix some fire, water, a few other ingredients and kick back for awhile although I might just have ago at turning lead into gold, they said that was impossible too.

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