Sunday, May 3, 2009

Cultural ruminations

11 April

Cultural ruminations


Public Trust Journalism is critical to any form of democracy that can conceive of running a country devoid of the apathy that is repugnant to those, whom ‘of the people for the people’ has any real meaning. Without an operating process for the monitoring of bureaucratic activity, the result can only be worse than that which we have just witnessed, a runaway train wreck of George Bush proportions.

Invest in a website that is, not owned by any body but accessed by all, and you will be a shareholder in the company of Australia. With that type of powerful tool at our disposal, politicians can be relegated to the status of check out chicks and tax payers can take there rightful place as masters of their own destiny.

Imagine, total accountability, transparent process, the ability to actually influence policy and a realistic share in the profits of your company. These things can only be achieved by large groups of conscientious citizens participating in a broad spread of patriotic activity and a pinpoint of accountability.

What perceivable application of democracy could you come up with that would come with in a bulls roar, of having a country wide forum for analysing all aspects of Governmental operations, in your home, at your disposal, twenty four hours a day?

Chew on that, or wallow in mediocrity.

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