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Malthusians V Muggles.

06 April

Malthusians V Muggles.


Thomas Robert Malthus was a piece of work and it occurs to me that no-one in History is so adequately positioned as to represent the divide between those in the know and the ignorant, the one’s socially positioned and the herd.


His controversial theories have been discussed by such powerful entities as Darwin, Wallace, Marx and Engels. He is well known in educated families and yet strangely enough, virtually invisible to the Muggles. I say ‘strangely enough’ because he could be the biggest threat to their existence. If a wealthy organization valued his contributions to academia, and held his theories in high regard, then they would be in a position to implement his final solutions to the population problem; Eugenic management.

If you, or your family, don’t quite measure up to A grade beef standards, then in theory, you could be weeded out of the herd. If your genes aren’t valued then maybe you should be interested in his argument:

"Malthus argued that population was held within resource limits by two types of checks: positive ones, which raised the death rate, andpreventative ones, which lowered the birth rate. The positive checks included hunger, disease and war; the preventative checks, abortion, birth control, prostitution, postponement of marriage, and celibacy."

Don’t let me worry you though because I’m sure the rich and powerful people, in this world of ours, have your best interests at heart.

* By the way here is a link to the school he haunts Haileybury

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