Sunday, May 3, 2009

The Good Lie

24 February

The Good Lie

In the cult classic  movie ‘The Matrix’, a tech savvy freedom fighter deserts his post on the good ship Nebuchadnezzar and sells out to an alien power broker for the pleasure of believing a lie. He sits in a virtual restaurant and comments on how good virtual steak tastes, whilst pondering his ‘Judas Purse’ which consists of the hypnotic delusion of freedom, wealth and power. Those who followed the trilogy, know this scene well but for those who don’t I will explain the significance.

In a world where the bulk of humanity is considered a resource to be tapped, agents of the beneficiaries move through the farce with an unstoppable determination to maintain the totality of mass delusion. Anyone who breaks the mould by waking up to the reality of their plight are hunted down, imprisoned, tortured, if not exterminated. Now the reason for the unprecedented success of this fictitious epic is that, for the devoted, it parodies real life. We the ‘milked’ are pleasantly oblivious to the business going on around us, if we wake up and fight the agents, life can become very unpleasant so we choose to chew the virtual steak and chatter to one another on how good it tastes. Every time we laugh at Australia’s Funniest Home Videos we masticate on digital slock, when we waste an hour or two visiting the house of Big Brother we are virtually vegging. You know what I’m saying, whatever your brand of virtual cuisine, we choose that over the mind numbing boredom of the milking shed or the dangers of fighting agents.

If there is a ‘Zion’ where this scenario isn’t true; if freedom, peace and equality aren't delusional concepts and even if you think all this is a load of crap, how do we distinguish that from which we have now?

When WW2 was in full swing and Hitler ruled Europe, no-one would have had trouble understanding my parable because his agents were very visible and they were sucking the life out of everyone. Propergander was the main tool used to ‘hypnotise the sheep"’ and they used the state of the art media techniques to broadcast the mind numbing messages. Hoards of people bought the ‘virtual steak’  and either died or lived to regret it. Every radio station , newspaper, movie maker and bookseller was working for the beneficiaries and the people lapped it up. In England and America this did not go unnoticed and pretty soon they were doing the same thing to meet their needs.

Very good lies were being broadcast, published and filmed, all over the world, we all know that. I just want to know; when did it stop.

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